Meet Steve Gonzalez, Fearless Leader of the Hub50House Concierge Team

July 22, 2020

At your service 24/7, the Hub50House concierge team helps redefine the urban lifestyle. We checked in with the Director of Concierge Services to learn more about him — and his team’s role in our members’ lives.

Yes, life at Hub50House includes unparalleled amenities, finely appointed residences, and stunning panoramic views everywhere you turn. But it’s so much more than that, thanks in large part to the bad@ss Hub50House concierge team. These are the people that work tirelessly to elevate your H50H experience so you can truly live above life.

Meet Steve Gonzalez, the Director of Concierge Services. He’s crucial to making members feel welcome when they walk in the door, safe when they’re home, and well-taken care of every moment in between. We sat down with Steve to get to know him a little better and find out what he loves about the neighborhood, the building, and the residents of Hub50House.

From everyday tasks to favorite restaurants, here are the answers to your questions for the Hub50House concierge.

What do you do for the members?

Steve Gonzalez: I help our members with a lot of day-to-day tasks. You will see me receive, label, and store packages for resident pickup. The tasks can be as varied as printing documents upon request to storing perishables for residents who are traveling. I’m also the first person to tell them, “Good morning! Have a great day!” and welcome them home when they return from work.

What’s the building vibe like?

SG: The mix of people here really creates a very friendly and outgoing vibe. We have a lot of both younger and older professionals, who clearly love what they do and have at least one important thing in common — they all fell for Hub50House.

What’s your favorite part about the neighborhood?

SG: The convenience of everything! Whatever you need is right in the neighborhood, from public transportation at North Station and groceries at next-door Star Market to everyday necessities at CVS and 7Eleven. The Hub on Causeway is really unbeatable for dining and entertainment, too. You live right next to TD Garden, Big Night Live, ArcLight Cinemas, Hub Hall, and so much more.

We’ve featured three dogs and their owners on the blog. What do pets add to the dynamic at Hub50House?

SG: Being a dog-friendly building really adds such a fun dynamic and good vibes to the workplace. Seeing the dogs run around on the Woof Deck is pure entertainment.

What do you like about your job?

SG: Building great relationships with the residents really makes my day. I also love working with my Hub50House concierge team. We are a good group!

Describe your typical day as a Hub50House concierge team member.

SG: My day starts with a conversation with the overnight concierge to see how the night went. Checking package inventory, key logs, and cameras typically comes next. Then there’s usually a steady stream of independent contractors, such as delivery people, cleaners, cable technicians, and dog walkers who need my attention throughout the day.

What are some of the most common requests from residents?

SG: At the top of the to-do list is allowing access to friends or family members of our residents. I often get to hold packages that were purchased as a surprise for someone in the building. Relaying work orders to our maintenance team is another returning request that I always treat with great expediency.

Why are you a good fit for the job?

SG: I’m a good listener and take the time to listen to residents’ needs and concerns. I also work well with everyone on staff, if I may say so myself! I can take constructive criticism to better myself, the team, and the property overall. 

How has your job changed since COVID-19?

SG: In the sense that being a concierge is so interactive and social, I’ve had to adapt to practice social distancing to protect myself as well as others.

Your favorite neighborhood restaurant is…

SG: Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina. And I am excited about the new HubHall opening up soon. It will bring a great variety of foods to the neighborhood. I know where I’ll be heading for lunch!

Thank you, Steve, and the entire Hub50House concierge team for all that you do! See you around Hub50House.


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