June 9, 2020

Let your home-office backdrop inspire great ideas. Here’s an apartment with the best views in Boston.

Have you recently traded your standing desk in a Boston skyscraper for the couch of your living room? You can only be so productive when you feel like the four surrounding walls are closing in on you. Sounds like it’s time to upgrade to an apartment with the best views in Boston to inspire your inner-achiever.

Enter Hub50House at The Hub on Causeway in the West End. Here you can count on breathtaking city views from floor-to-ceiling windows wherever you choose to set up shop for the day — from a conference space on the 15th floor to your own chic apartment. So, if your current work-from-home backdrop is not exactly a wonder of inspiration, come along for a peek at what #WFHlife could be like.

For a work-from-home backdrop like no other, move to a Hub50House apartment with the best views in Boston.

Enter Level 15, better known as Hub15, which features 14,000 square feet of interior and exterior specialized amenity spaces for both work and play. The Den and The Game Room may come in handy later, but — hey — let’s not veer off the productive track just yet.

At any given point, you’re likely to find several busy worker bees in the Business Center. This spaces easily rivals the most luxurious high-rise office — and we’re not just referring to the soaring ceilings or 27-inch Retina 5K display iMacs at your disposal. Panoramic views of the city skyline fill the window walls in front of you.

Choose your seat based on your workload. Casually catching up on email? The sleek banquettes offer plenty of elbow room to clear out your inbox. Working on a Nobel Prize-worthy research paper? Pick one of the private, glass-enclosed work pods. Missing your corner office? The long conference table facing the window wall easily competes with a spot in any high-rise in the city.

Making WFH a regular thing

Are you one of the 62% of Bostonians who may continue working remotely some of the time after the pandemic? Even with an apartment with the best views in Boston, you’re going to need some variety in your home work environment. Fortunately, Hub15 delivers, with multiple spaces that are suitable for tackling your professional to-do list.

Take, for instance, the SHHHH! Room. If the name didn’t give it away, a sign next to the glass door spells out what kind of space this is: “No one likes the sound of their own voice, just as nobody likes the sound of your loud voice.” It’s a comfortable and stylish space where you can count on minimal noise and distraction.

Not all business can be conducted in silence, however. Reserve the private conference room, part of the Business Center, for your group powwow or virtual meeting. The skyline views are better than any custom Zoom background, to be sure.

And, we’ve one-upped the traditional office break room, too. Reward your productivity with a caffeine fix at our Coffee Bar. We’d prefer a cold glass from our sparkling water machine (or the kombucha on tap!) over the water cooler gossip any day. Either way, sip your choice beverage on any of the comfortable seating options while you take a well-deserved break.

Where great ideas are born

We conclude with a visit to an (your future?) apartment with the best views in Boston.

In addition to being pants-optional, this particular work-from-home spot comes with an adrenaline-rushing perk: the stunning backdrop. While curled up on the couch with your laptop, only a wall of glass separates your home office from the surrounding city — Downtown Boston, the Inner Harbor and Islands, the Charles River, and everything in between. It’s a backdrop that inspires great ideas.

If you’re seeking an apartment with the best views in Boston, come live (and work) above life at Hub50House.




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