May 29, 2020

If tail-wagging is any indication, this trio of good boys are big fans of the pet-friendly apartments at Hub50House. 

Let us introduce the Woof Deck kings. This four-legged trio — all with their own Instagram profiles, of course — may only express themselves through barking and tail-wagging, but their parents say Hub50House living suits them perfectly.  

So, what is about the pet-friendly apartments that get four paws up? The covered, all-season Woof Deck is a clear favorite among our furry friends. And based on their fine appearancethey are also well acquainted with the dog spa and grooming station. 

It’s time to get to know Splash, Winston, and Kingsley 

Woof Deck + dog spa + building treats = Pet-friendly apartments 


Breed: Labradoodle 

Age: 1.5 years 

Favorite food: Anything on Dads plate  

Favorite thing to do around Hub50House: Woof Deck with friends! 

Good boy behavior: Excellent elevator manners 

Naughty hobby: Toy shredding 

Celebrity alter ego: John Krasinski (“Everybody loves him.”) 

Instagram: @splashylabradoodle 

Despite being one of Hub50House’s newest residentsSplash is already an elevator-riding pro. This neatly groomed labradoodle with a bushy tail takes an immediate seat by the back wall and gives any passengers a good once-over. 

“He’s a perfect pup in the elevator!” Jerry, Splash’s dad, says.  

Jerry and Splash moved in May 1 and love everything about living in the West EndEvery morning, they head out for jog or brisk walk to Charlestown, including a loop around Spaulding Hospital through the Navy Yard. Then Jerry heads to work at a cancer diagnostics start-up in Cambridge Crossing, a mere 1-mile walk away, while Splash stretches out by the floor-to-ceiling windows in their apartment. (Jerry has noticed Splash seems quite taken with the city views.)  

Cookies, please 

They typically conclude the day playing with pup friends at Paul Revere Park, a 5-acre greenspace on the Charles River, just half a mile from Hub50House. A ladies’ man at heart, Splash is shy of most males, but has reserved a special place for George, a transit officer at North Station, with a cookie-giving habit.  

And there’s the Woof Deck, a dream-come-true for Splash and Jerry.  

Splash is a social pup and loves playing with all the building dogs,” Jerry says“I love being able to run him down there for a quick bathroom break or to give him a bath at the dog spa.  

Sir Winston Hastings

Sir Winston Hastings  

Breed: Frengle (French Bulldog/Beagle mix) 

Age: 4 

Favorite Hub50House activity: Take in the views and run around the Woof Deck 

Favorite food: Scrambled eggs (made by his Grandma, of course!) or bones from the local butcher 

Good boy behavior: Being a snuggle bug 

Naughty trick: Hide under the bed 

Celebrity alter ego: George Clooney (“A total heartthrob and ladies’ man.”) 

Instagram: @sirwinstonhastings 

Meet the unofficial Mayor of the Woof Deck — at least according to his Instagram profileSir Winston Hastings has called Hub50House home since October, which means this friendly Frengle actually could be top dog when it comes to the number of Woof Deck visits.  

Now, he and his sister Sophie, another four-legged adoptee, are “livin’ the dream in Boston (Instagram again), and that’s exactly what Audra, their mom, intended.  

When my husband and I were relocating from Connecticut to Boston last summer, our biggest hesitation was having our dogs in the city,” Audra says.  We did a lot of apartment searching and came across Hub50House totally by accident! We visited while it was still under construction, but as soon as we saw renderings of the Woof Deck and dog spa, we knew it would be the perfect place for Winston and Sophie. Plus, Hub50House is so great about making pet owners feel engaged through fun, pet-friendly events! 

“They’ve loved it ever since we moved in.” 

Napping and dreaming 

And, as it turns out, Audra loves the Woof Deck as much as Winston.  

It’s the best thing ever. I love being able to throw my slippers on and take the elevator down whenever I need to. It’s the perfect place to get some fresh air and let Winston and his sister run around without even leaving our building. We always say it’s the only way to do city living with dogs! 

With the arrival of warmer weather, Winston can look forward to more walks along the Charles River. By the time he returnsit’ll be time for another favorite activity: a long nap. 



Breed: Miniature Dachshund 

Age: 3 years 

Favorite thing to do around Hub50House: Eat complimentary Polka Dog treats and sniff around the Woof Deck 

Favorite food: Peanut butter and strawberries 

Good boy behavior: Super affectionate 

Naughty activity: Hole digging 

Celebrity alter ego: Slinky from Toy Story 

Instagram: @kingsleythefirst 

Complimentary Polka Dog treats – what more could a good boy want?  Kingsley, a shy miniature dachshund, will snag one whenever he gets a chance. Among the first to move into Hub50House’s pet-friendly apartments back in October, Kingsley is a Woof Deck veteranWhen Kingsley is not people and boat-watching from the apartment that he shares with his dad Christian, he leads a posse of friends — fellow dachshund Hans is a good buddy — around the Woof Deck.   

It’s amazing,” Christian says of the deck. “It really makes it easier for Kingsley to do his ‘business’ without having to brave the Boston winters or go too far outside.”  

 Tasty treats for a good boy 

By now, Kingsley is also a regular at Paul Revere Park and North Point Parkan 8.5-acre green haven across the Charles RiverRunning alongside Christian on the Esplanade (the riverside path picks up half a mile from Hub50House) is another favorite activity, as is picking out treats at the nearby Polka Dog Bakery in the North End.  

“He loves the neighborhood!” Christian says.  

Can we get a bark and four paws up? 

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