June 2, 2021

The SkyPool, Boston’s highest rooftop pool on Hub50House’s 38th floor, offers stunning views and takes swimming to another level.

It may be hard to take your eyes off the exciting street-level hustle and bustle at The Hub on Causeway. But, if you’ll take a moment to look up toward the sky — yes, that’s a pool at the top of Hub50House. Boston’s highest rooftop pool, in fact.  

Hub50House’s SkyPool is the crowning achievement in an amenities package that lets our members truly live above life. And by above, we really mean above. Count with us: 1, 2, 3… 38 floors above.  

It’s time to meet the SkyPool. Let’s dive in. 

Now open! Here are 4 reasons to love Boston’s highest rooftop pool. 

1. The view

A 500-foot elevation brings distinct benefits. The serenity of being removed from the bustle of the streets below. The feeling of being on top of the world. And the views.  

Hub50House soars high above the West End, setting the stage for panoramic views like no other. From your poolside perch, you can see it all the dramatic city skyline, the shimmering waters of Boston Inner Harbor, the distant Harbor Islands. Seven-foot glass walls surround the pool deck, offering protection from the elements and ensuring nothing gets in between the unparalleled views and you. You’ve arrived.  

2. The space 

Much like our suite of amenities on Hub15, the SkyHub offers ample space for your roaming pleasure. In fact, the SkyPool and Club Rooms together measure 4,000 square feet — nearly the size of the Celtics’ home court next door! 

Add Hub15 and the 3,000 square feet for sniffing, ball chasing, and grooming for our four-legged members on the 4th floor Woof Deck. Together it’s over 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities for Hub50House residents to enjoy. 

With all this room to play, members truly get more.  

3. The design  

Let’s find a seat poolside. Should you stretch out in a cabana or make yourself comfortable on an Italian-made chaise longue? You could also watch over the pool and the city below from the comfort of a nook of B&B Italia armchairs. Choices, choices! 

Cut the tranquil surface and go for a leisurely swim in the SkyPool. The bottom displays a message amid the mosaic tile: “Live your best.” How could you not up here?   

Up here for an after-work dip? Float on your back — the skyline shines bright tonight. As you emerge from the water, flush lights cast a soft glow as the sun sets over the city. Life is better up above.  

4. The Club Rooms 

Timeless elegance and contemporary design rule the Club Rooms, courtesy of the imported Italian furnishings once again. A wall of glass creates a seamless barrier between the pool deck and the plush seating arrangements inside, making sure you don’t miss a beat — or the views. If the evening calls for something special, the adjoining catering kitchen is all yours.  

Isn’t it time we toasted the opening of Boston’s highest rooftop pool? 



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