March 18, 2021

This romping roof deck for dogs is like no other in Boston. Enter the Woof Deck at Hub50House, the city’s most pet-friendly apartments.

Ice, slush, salt March is not exactly a tail-wagger.  

Now you and your pup can leave the messy walks behind and trade up, literally. On the fourth floor of Hub50House, find the one amenity you can’t live without this month: The Woof Deck.  

This new video tour takes you inside our romp heaven with complimentary skyline views. Think pet-friendly apartments and multiply by 100. Who knew city living with a dog could look so good? 

Strut onto the Woof Deck, and this is what you find. 

The Woof Deck gives new meaning to pet-friendly apartments.

Right off the elevator, the vibrant collage of smiling faces gives it away furry friends rule here.  

Take the door to the right for a quick peek inside the Woof Deck laundry room. Although the convenience of this space may escape your Good Boy, we bet our two-legged residents know the implication of those washing machines. Yes, toss it all in there blankets, dog coats, and bed covers — because pet-friendly apartments mean thoughtful conveniences for you, too. 

Best in show 

Clean bedding demands a clean pup, right? Get the job done in the pet spa.  

This glass-enclosed space has all you need to turn Fido or Fifi from drab to fab. Whatever the moment calls for hosing, shearing, drying, grooming the mess is going nowhere. Coax Messy into the shower tub, and wield the blow dryer to bring Fluffy back. As Lizzo would say, “Lookin’ good as …” 

Paw-ty time 

While floor-to-ceiling windows draw your eyes to the outdoor play deck, don’t overlook the beauty of what lies within. The indoor play lounge is the perfect spot for weather-sensitive pups, sure. But, mostly it’s meant for weather-sensitive pup PARENTS, who can relax in the comfort of indoor heating/cooling while their babies get some fresh air.  

Complete with seating, TV, and artwork suitable to man’s best friend, the play lounge deserves two paws up. We’ve been known to host special events in this space, and many a #Hub50pup has thrown a birthday party for the books here — take Poppy, a mini golden-doodle, for example, who celebrated with friends last month. 

Can you hear Poppy, Baxter, and the rest of the furry crew having a blast on the outdoor deck? Let’s go see what’s happening.   

Such lucky dogs 

Enter the outdoor Woof Deck and… now, you get why “pet-friendly apartments” doesn’t quite capture the one-of-a-kind, luxe pet amenity that’s happening here.  

This romping ground is like no other in Boston. Set against a backdrop of the city skyline, everything about this space is a treat for pups (and their moms and dads). Heat lamps and ample seating bring comfort for you, while your pup rubs paws on the green turf with newfound Hub50House friends. (Note the obstacle course and pretend fire hydrant.)  

Our furry residents love to jump, wrestle, and play on the many different obstacles. But, even if the outing’s object is just TCOB, the covered, open-air deck allows for that, despite the Boston weather. Could these dogs (and you!) get any luckier? 

Somewhere down below the snow is melting. You could take your pup for a dodgy slushy walk… But, what if you had the Woof Deck instead?  

Come see what all the barks are about. 


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