Shop for Unique Houeplants at The Sill

January 20, 2022

Recently opened to the public, The Sill is a perfect stop for those looking to purchase a new houseplant and a few supplies for it. Upon arrival, you’ll find a cozy shop filled with all sorts of unique plants with sizes from small to medium and large. You’ll also see walls and shelves covered in plants and colorful pots with enough room to walk around and shop ‘til you drop as you explore every nook and cranny. 

Choose from plants like the Autumn Fern and Norfolk Island Pine to Faux Rex Begonia and Faux Snake. You can also buy a cute, vibrant pot to place it in and a few other accessories like a watering can and garden gloves. Whether you want to add more plant decor to your home or are looking to find a gift to purchase for a friend, check out The Sill for all your plant needs! 

Before you shop in person or online, subscribe to their website. If you do, you’ll save 15% off of your first purchase!