Lettering by Liz: Try Something New in 2022

January 18, 2022

Learn a new skill this year at Lettering by Lizan appointment-only design studio and classroom that hosts weekly small group classes for students of all ages and beginners in calligraphy and modern hand-lettering. The Lettering by Liz studio is located at 430 Atlantic Avenue, in Boston’s Atlantic Wharf. Established in 1990 by lifelong Bostonian and professional lettering artist Liz Roessler, Lettering by Liz offers entertaining and educational virtual and small group in-person classes. 

Liz Roessler is a self-taught professional calligrapher. Since she was young, Liz has loved the art of calligraphy, and she opened her downtown Boston studio to share that love with her hometown! You can view Liz’s course schedule and book your classes today at Lettering by Liz’s website. Grow artistically by learning the art of calligraphy this year at Lettering by Liz, celebrating over 30 years of serving Boston through art!