Valentine’s Day at Hub50House in Boston, MA

February 12, 2024

“Fly, Dove! Sing, Sparrow! Gimme Cupid’s Famous Arrow! Gimme, Gimme That Thing Called Love!” That’s right Boston, MA, love is in full bloom here at Hub50House! As we all know, February is a month all about love! And, what’s not to love? Celebrating the emotion and feeling of love; the fantastic color scheme; and spending time with your favorite people, at your favorite places, doing your favorite things. 


Valentine’s Day is just as magical and special when you spend it with a significant other, family members, friends, a furry friend, or by yourself. The love you have for your family, friends, pets, and yourself is just as beautiful and important to cherish as romantic relationships. 


Spend the day surrounded by love, and the night before. On February 13th at 6:30 pm Hub50House is hosting a Valentine’s Day party! The party will have champagne, a 360 photo booth, appetizers, and live music. Join us in celebrating the season!


Every day should be a celebration of love and gratitude, but Valentine’s Day on February 14th is a special reminder. Go above and beyond this year. Whether that is for your romantic partner, family, friends, or yourself. Do something special, but special doesn’t mean expensive. Special can mean simple. The most important aspect of Valentine’s Day here at Hub50House is spreading joy, kindness, and love.