July Activities in Boston

July 3, 2023

Hub50House has been and always will be proud to be part of the Boston community. This summer we are encouraging our residents to spend July enjoying beautiful Boston but in Hub50House-style! What does that mean exactly? It means spending this month having great adventures, having fun, and celebrating our city. 

First off, discover the best ways to celebrate Independence Day in our city. Spend the night of 4th of July on the water with a firework cruise. Take a trip on the oldest actively commissioned naval vessel in the world- the U.S.S. Constitution. The trip only takes place once a year to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Just across the Boston Harbor is the fantastic Winthrop Firework Cruise! A three-hour cruise featuring a forty-five-minute firework display that will leave you astonished. 

The fun doesn’t stop there! In July, and all summer long, enjoy the beaches of Boston. From Revere Beach to Pleasure Bay Beach to Castle Island, these beaches are perfect for a day trip. Then, be a tourist in your own city! Tour Boston by land or sea, ferry rides, cruises, self-guided tours, and city bike tours are all wonderful options to explore. 

Finally, get out to enjoy some live entertainment. From the Red Sox, to concerts, to Shakespeare in the park, Boston has everything for everyone!