April 30, 2020

We’re showing our gratitude to our #healthheroes by delivering sandwiches and snacks to COVID-19 ICUs every Thursday.

If only gratitude could be turned into a vaccine, COVID-19 would be long gone.  

But, in the meantime, we want to show just how much we appreciate all the dedicated medical professionals who work tirelessly day in and day out only blocks away from Hub50House.

The distance from H50H to Massachusetts General Hospital is a quick 7-minute walk, but these days – in the midst of a global pandemic – we know our realities are worlds apart. Yet, some of our residents make their way there to fight the battle firsthand as part of the MGH medical staff, making the impact of COVID-19 all the more real to the rest of us.

Spreading the love

So, we decided to show our gratitude with #ThankfulThursdays. If the COVID-19 medical professionals among us can save lives, we can at least make sure they know how thankful we are for their heroic contributions — by serving up good food.

To date, Hub50House has donated over 500 meals to the MGH COVID-19 Intensive Care Units. Every week, we’ve been selecting a new unit to spread the love, a task that itself became a reminder that the high influx of new patients required the opening of additional units.

Community stepped up

We are grateful to our partners at The Hub on Causeway who came together to help us feed around 50 MGH employees each week. Sandwiches and snacks from neighboring Star Market brought joy to the medical staff. Then, Monica’s Mercato — one of the 18 restaurants set to open in the upcoming Hub Hall — kept the meals coming with its classic Italian sandwiches, salads, and other goodies.  

And while we’ve been delivering food to the ICUs, the Mass General Research Institute was hard at work presenting daily reports on the latest COVID-19 research findings. The world-leading institute is conducting a range of clinical trials, offering promise that the resolution to this global crisis just may be announced down the street. What a neighborhood.

From all of us at Hub50House to all of you brave healthcare workers: We can never thank you enough. Stay safe.

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