Hub50House Q&A with the Developers

August 13, 2019
We were lucky enough to get in a room with Boston Properties, co-developers of Hub50House and The Hub on Causeway. Of course, we had to ask them some questions. They had a lot of amazing things to share. Check out some of the conversation we had with them below!


What makes Hub50House unique from other luxury apartments in the area?

Hub50House combines the best location in Boston, an unparalleled amenity package, and unique perks to provide a resident experience that is unmatched in the market. When designing the space, we focused on understanding the residents’ perspective – what makes urban living comfortable over time – and included a variety of features and floor plans to suit every need.


Why is location so important for Hub50House?

Hub50House is incredibly well connected to transit and adjacent to the central business district, in Boston’s most vibrant neighborhood. The site brings together the best of Boston sports and entertainment venues as well as the convenience of being at the northern gateway to the city, creating a fantastic synergy and palpable vibrancy that is uniquely Boston.


What is your personal number 1 best thing that Hub50House will offer?

Boston’s best panoramic city and water views, which will not be obstructed by other developments due to the height restrictions in the surrounding neighborhoods. We also bring you the city’s largest urban grocery store – an onsite Star Market, two onsite restaurants, a food hall, a cinema, and live entertainment.


What has been the hardest part of bringing this development to life?

The sheer scale and complexity of integrating so many different uses in one project as well as building in the heart of one of the city’s busiest areas provided a terrific challenge in building The Hub. At the same time, building around the city’s business transportation node and the very active TD Garden challenged us to think creatively while making sure we delivered a new grand entrance to the TD Garden while simultaneously recognizing the history and legacy of the site.


What is your favorite business moving into The Hub on Causeway?

Is it possible to say all of them? We are just so excited for all the businesses to build off each other and create a vibrant ecosystem at The Hub.


Who should be most excited about Hub50House?

Both the committed urban dweller who is looking for mind-blowing views, unparalleled amenities, connectivity, convenience, and absolute comfort inside their homes will be drawn to this community, alongside those who are ready to cut their commute and experience city living focused on convenience and walkability.


Anything else you want to add?

We hope people will come see Hub50House for themselves because we’re confident that the combination of luxury and convenience will make them want to make their home here.