Bite Into Babka at Bakey, Now Open Near Hub50House

October 26, 2021

Bakey recently opened its doors under the direction of Uri Scheft, a baker of Danish-Israeli background who pays homage to his heritage in his fresh creations—”fresh” being the key word. He and his team enlist the best ingredients from around the world to craft bread and sweet and savory pastries throughout the day, so you always know you’re getting the freshest bite possible.

Stop in to see what’s baking or order ahead online for a quick pickup. You’ll always see a lineup of sweet babka breads stuffed with ingredients like chocolate, almond cream, or cinnamon sugar. Chocolate chip cookies are a staple, too. When it comes to savory bites, Chef Uri specializes in burekas. They’re puff pastries packed with ingredients such as feta cheese cream, spinach, or even mashed potatoes. If you need a loaf of bread to accompany dinner, Bakey and Chef Uri have you covered there, too. Try the signature wheat challah, the sourdough, or, for something a little more unique, the ficelle. The latter is a traditional Danish bread crafted from 100% whole-grain rye flour and baked in a distinct wooden frame.